Million Women Mentors

State of the States 2023

State of the States 2023

Million Women Mentors connects local communities and girl-serving institutions to state leaders, corporations, and a national movement to build momentum and drive local efforts. It is a national and global movement with local roots.

Million Women Mentors is organized by states, with state teams leading local individual efforts. State leadership is able to make a pledge, develop a steering committee, and then work to reach their pledge goals within that state through partnerships, initiatives, and mentoring campaigns. Each state team works to engage companies, non-profits, and higher education to support girls and women in STEM through mentoring. State teams consist of 1-2 chairs and 5-10 steering committee members. In most cases, all are volunteers.

We have collected our states' 2023 efforts and projected plans and captured these results in a one-page report per state. Each report contains the states steering committee members, an honorary chair if applicable, highlights from 2023 events and any actions of plans for 2024.

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