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Sustainable Change Happens Locally:
Join the Movement in Your State

The States Initiative:

Engages state organizations and individuals to provide or become members.
Provides visible leaders and role models across each state to women and girls.
Amplifies awareness of the need for girls and women to engage in STEM and STEM careers across each state.
Engages corporations with local influence to support the MWM movement and create or augment existing community mentoring programs for their employees.
Serves as a communication path to the MWM National Movement.

Million Women Mentors is currently active in more than 40 states working to elevate the role of women and girls in STEM by:

  • Aggregating the activities and other things going on in each state that are encouraging women and girls to pursue and succeed in STEM careers.
  • Amplifying these activities and events to corporations as well as through MWM’s national network and social media.
  • Advancing successful efforts by sharing best practices that provide results in growing girls and women in STEM careers.

Join the Movement!

To learn more about the movement in your state, click the map below. To start a movement in a state that is not currently represented, contact us at:

State Leadership Opportunties

Honorary Chairs (Optional)

State government or other notable leaders (US Senators, Governors, Lt. Governors, etc.) who use their platform to promote the importance of mentoring to encourage more women to participate in the STEM workforce and amplify the efforts happening across the state at the state and national level.

Steering Committee

A group of leaders across sectors who work with the State Leader(s) on mentoring activities, events and initiatives to support efforts across the state.

State Leaders (or Co-Leaders)

State Leaders serve as the liaisons to the national effort, working to increase mentor relationships, sharing monthly updates with the national MWM team, and encouraging and facilitating activities within their state.

Follow the States Movement on Pod

Follow the states activites on Pod. Stay up to date on ways you can connect to the movement to support existing and growing efforts to promote girls and women in STEM.

Click on any active state below for state leadership contact information and how you can get involved.

We do not currently have a committee here. Please contact Million Women Mentors at for information on forming a committee in your state.

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