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MWM Women In Insurance: Leading to Action

MWM Women In Insurance: Leading to Action

Insurance, a conservative and change-averse industry, now finds itself at a crossroads. With rapidly evolving technologies changing the nature of our business, and a high proportion of the insurance workforce aging and imminently retiring, stakeholders find themselves with an acute need for recruiting and nurturing top talent. This in turn presents an opportunity to change the face of the industry, and empower women in their careers.

Promisingly, female survey respondents report their leadership teams increasingly acknowledging the existing shortfalls in gender parity, and voicing a desire to improve work environments and opportunities for female employees. However, it will likely require a dedicated and sustained effort to effect substantial change in our industry.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about topics like the insurance workforce, barriers to advancement, technology and talent, and get connected with a handful of helpful resources.

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