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Corporate Best Practices for Mentoring Women in STEM

Corporate Best Practices for Mentoring Women in STEM

In today’s national workforce, there are a few numbers that just don’t add up. Women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S. economy, but they hold less than 25 percent of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Although women comprise more than 20 percent of engineering school graduates, only 11 percent of practicing engineers are women. Of 100 female students working toward a bachelor’s degree, only three will be working in a STEM job 10 years after graduation. Where have all the women gone?

Tata Consultancy Services and STEMconnector hosted a roundtable in 2016 for leading businesses to share challenges and offer solutions for supporting women in STEM. The recommendations contained in this white paper emerged from conversations held at the roundtable.

Download the whitepaper to hear what participants had to say about the experience, and dive into the 5 steps recommended to begin corporate mentorship.

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