Million Women Mentors

MWM-Turkey: A Blueprint for High Impact Global Expansion

MWM-Turkey: A Blueprint for High Impact Global Expansion


This webinar had a three-part goal: 1) Curate 1,000,000 mentoring relationships to support women and girls in STEM careers over the next 10 years in Turkey; 2) Share experiences in the roll-out of an international Million Women Mentor program as a social and digital learning platform supporting mentoring with dedicated events, groups, messaging and networking opportunities; 3) Explore ways to tap into Diaspora talent to repatriate and harvest intellectual capital back to Turkey- homeland - in a mentoring program.

It also explained the MWM-Turkey operating model connecting partners and ecosystem to founding circle supporters and operating partners. This looks like partners localizing the program, its content and devising a sustainable funding and operating system with regular meetings. The MWM-Turkey five founding circle partners were recognized for each company’s difference strengths:

  • Beba Foundation: MWM expertise in the USA and now in Turkey
  • Limak Holding: Leads premier STEM program for young women and girls in Turkey
  • Logo Yazılım: Largest public software company with an SME network of 55K
  • Petrol Ofisi: Leader in Fuel & Lubricants Industry with more than 1900 gas stations
  • Pepsico Turkey: Global MWM Partner

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Melek Pulatkonak, Founder, Turkish Women’s International Network
  • Ümran Beba, Partner at August Leadership & Co-Founder Beba Foundation
  • Didem Şinik Arıkan, Communication Senior Manager of PepsiCo Turkey
  • Şebnem Tuğçe Pala, Director of Policy and Market Development at UtilityAPI
  • Zeynep Çetin, Erasmus Mundus scholarship student


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