Million Women Mentors

Currently active in over 40 states, the MWM states movement centers around efforts happening at the local level aggregated, promoted, and inspired by state leadership.

Join the Movement in California to Champion Women and Girls in STEM

State Leader & Honorary Chair

State Leader:
Honorary Chair:
Leshelle May

Steering Committee Members

  • Leshelle May, CNN – Honorary Chair
  • Linda Calhoun,
  • Denise Coyne, Retired, Chevron
  • Venita Sivamani, Learn Skin
  • Mary Wiberg, National Alliance for Partners in Equity Foundation
  • Nancy McIntyre, Robotics Education & Competition Foundation
  • Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez, NKR and Associates
  • Carol Tang, Children’s Creativity Museum
  • Parto Aram, University of California at Davis

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