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Workplace Mentoring in STEM: Executive Summary

Workplace Mentoring in STEM: Executive Summary

If you knew about a proven-to-work, low to no-cost employee engagement and retention tool, you would implement it in your office and be the new office(s) hero. Right? Well, order your cape. You are the new office hero thanks to your trusty sidekicks STEMconnector and Million Women Mentors (MWM).

Although the benefits of mentoring in the STEM industry are well documented across workplaces, much of the literature only pertains to K-12 and youth programs. In response, this paper aims to bridge the gaps in workplace mentoring research by connecting literature and practitioners and grounding our findings within a business-case model. This report establishes the five essential stages to building a formal mentoring program in the workplace. These stages are as follows: 1) Strategize, (2) Allocate Capital, (3) Engage Participants, (4) Provide Ongoing Support, and (5) Monitoring & Evaluation.

If you're looking for the next best mark your company will make on the future, here is your blueprint.


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