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MWM: Middle School Activation Guide

MWM: Middle School Activation Guide

Million Women Mentors understands the importance of not only female mentors, but also male mentors for girls in STEM. It is essential for both women and men to be strong role supporters of girls and women in STEM, as diversity is key to success. The MWM: Middle School Activation Guide is a step-by-step walkthrough to launching your own Mission to Mentor program.

Please use this guide ad a toolkit to kick-start a great relationship with your middle school aged mentee. Just 20 hours can make a world of difference to a girl in middle school. How you approach your pledge of 20 hours is up to you, but we suggest coordinating with a local school.

This guide was written to pair well with a 20-week in-school mentoring program for female students, where a STEM mentor meets with up to 5 girls at their school. The program has been successfully launched in Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida as a pilot, placing a STEM mentor in over 60 schools for over 300 girls. The guide includes all that you would need to get a program like this started in your area.

Please note this guide is for girls in middle school.

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