Million Women Mentors

2019 MWM Leaders to Learn From

2019 MWM Leaders to Learn From

The 2019 Million Women Mentors Leaders to Learn From series showcases the career paths of STEM leaders who have followed unique pathways to attain their current status. Every month we will celebrate the story of a new trailblazer who beat the odds and define what it means to be a role model. These profiles will celebrate individuals who persevere against convention and remind young people and seasoned veterans alike that there is no longer a "traditional" means to career success.

We are happy to feature Monique Rhodes, Director, Communications, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Prudential Financial. Monique's three-step plan to evaluate the next opportunity in her life has been crucial and we are so happy she is willing to share it with our network!

Feel free to share this profile with your networks to show women across the globe that there is no longer a 'traditional' model of a successful career.

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